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Ryderville Neighbours

Ryderville Neighbours' is a fledgling neighbourhood association, currently comprised of three couples in our neighbourhood; Becky & Peter Roessner, Jessica & Phil Johnston & Irene & Stewart Carter. This came about serendipitously as a one-off neighbourhood coffee gathering resulted in connections being made, and a shared passion being found for seeing our neighbourhood increase its connectivity and community spirit.

RYDERVILLE (the name) - came about after Peter contacted City Hall only to find out there are no names attached to our lovely neck of the woods, other than being a part of St George's Ward, and included in the large swath of land called "North End." So, after some Google Map analysis, we found the name "Ryderville" resting on a portion of our block, and with the hope of connecting with our larger neighbourhood in the future the name stuck (think Roehampton & beyond).

For now, however, we are interested in creating connection opportunities for those living on the "4-sister avenues" (which were named after the original landowner/farmers’ daughters); Karen, Vivian, Nina, & Winnifred as well as the closely connected neighbours near the "sisters" on Grantham & Flanders. Inspired by Beasley Neighbourhood in Hamilton ON, and Fitzgerald Neighbourhood in St Catharines, we want to creatively think through how our neighbourhood can become a place that people not only love to live in, but also feel empowered to contribute to, so we can all make Ryderville a great place to call home!

Ryderville Neighbours

A neighbourhood association in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada